Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to Action Research 1252

First and foremost, congratulations on your sensational initiative, enthusiasm, and effort to develop your action research plan. As promised, we are trying to help support your action research project, along with assisting your internship experiences, and we have created a Faculty Intern/Action Research Blog for your particular section in this course.

With your Faculty Intern/Action Research Section Blog, you can post your blog address and share comments about the progress of your action research and your internship, and this will provide a location for faculty members assigned to your group to support your progress in your research and in the program.

We plan to have a faculty member assigned to your section by mid-September, so be sure to check this Blog and add it to your blog links. We believe this will continue to be an important source for sharing your action research and receive valuable feedback from our faculty.

We will continue to revise and refine the large Faculty Action Research Blog where we have identified 10 topic areas. We are trying to find the best means of sharing your action research progress while you review how others are pursuing their similar action research projects. We will be sending information to you regarding our revision of this topical blog!

Please create a new post
• sign in and share your Action Research blog name and blog address
• provide your frequently used email address and a contact telephone number
• provide an email address, and if possible, telephone number for your site supervisor(s)

Your section faculty member will use this Faculty Intern/Action Research Section Blog to communicate with you as you continue your work on your action research plan and your internship. The faculty member will be using a variety of means (e.g., Web Conferences, emails, telephone calls, Skype, etc.) to continually communicate with you, and periodically to communicate with your site supervisor(s) to discuss your progress in the internship, implementing the action research plan, and overall suggestions regarding the Leadership preparation program.

We will expect you to post on this blog once a week and this will be the location for you to communicate to the assigned faculty member who will be making sure that you are completing all of the work in the internship as well as assist you with the action research! Please note that we are also asking you to grant permission to us to share your Action Research blog information with other faculty and doctoral students. We assure you none of your research will be shared or published without your participation and consent. If data from the action research project and program evaluation are used, confidentiality will be maintained. And as we have emphasized, you are participating in laboratories of leadership and learning, and we will work with you to help you prepare submissions to present and/or publish your action research project, findings and recommendations to professional associations (e.g., Texas Association of School Administrators – TASA; Texas Association of Secondary School Principals – TASSP; Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisors Association – TEPSA; Texas ASCD; Texas Council on Staff Development; International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE; and specialized associations – Bilingual, G/T, Special Education).

Remember, the faculty assigned to your section will be available to assist you with some of the policy and procedure issues, and please ask for guidance. If you cannot reach the assigned faculty, feel free to contact any of the professors listed below since we are all familiar with the action research course and internship.

Wishing you the very best!
Dr. Steve Jenkins, Dr. Elvis Arterbury, Dr. Gary Martin, Dr. Kay Abernathy, Dr. Lu Stephens, Cindy Cummings, and other faculty who will be working with this follow-up initiative


  1. I hope I am in the right section. My name is Sherry Lott. I am currently a Special Education teacher and Math Intervention Specialist at an elementary school. My blog site is:
    My email is or
    My cell is 713-824-3138
    My site supervisor is Lisa Butler, Principal of Marek Elementary. The school number is 281-245-3232. Email is

  2. My name is Joi Lunsford. I have been teaching 1st grade for 7 years. My blog is: My e-mail is My phone number is 806-655-3762. My site supervisor is Brandi Parker, Principal of Reeves-Hinger Elementary. Mrs. Parker's e-mail is Reeves-Hinger's phone number is 806-677-62870.

  3. My name is Stephanie Ramirez, and i am in my 8th year of teaching 4th grade; however, this is my ninth year of teaching. My blog can be found at : My email is Phone number: 979-799-7852. My site supervisor is Vicki Harmon, principal of Frontier Elementary, and can be reached at 979-849-8241 or

  4. My name is Mary Beth Cuevas and I have been teaching for 16 years. I have taught pre-K, K, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I am currently teaching 6th grade Science. My e-mail is; I use as my daily e-mail. My phone number is 210-833-2837 (either leave a message or text - I tend to keep my phone on silent). My site supervisor is Jean Perry, her e-mail is and her phone number is 830-357-4000. Last but not least my blog can be found at and it is called MBCs Destination Masters

  5. My name is Donna Foote. I have taught for 11 years. I currently teach 4th grade but have taught 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th also. My email is or My phone number is 806-881-4383 (I respond best to text) My site supervisor is Bridget Johnson, Principal Crestview Elementary, her email and phone number 806-677-2780. My blog can be found at

  6. My name is Bridget Olivares. I taught for 6 years (2nd and 3rd grade). I have been a curriculum coach for the last 5 years. My email is My phone number is 512-280-4963. My site supervisor is Dounna Poth, Assistant Principal. Her email is My blog name is

  7. My name is Deanna Martin. I am currently a stay-at-home mom for two children ages 14 and 7. For three years, I taught 3rd-5th grade READ 180 and was also a Title 1 Intervention teacher for K-4th reading and math. The principal at my son's school has graciously agreed to provide opportunities for my internship. My blog is titled "Action Research in Action" and can be located at My personal email address is and my phone # is 979-236-2789. Judy Thacker is my site supervisor. She can be reached at 979-730-7205 and

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  9. Hi! My name is Susan Cook. I am a special education teacher, currently teaching middle school and high school reading at an alternative school. This is my 7th year as an educator. My blog is: Please email me My site supervisor is Mary Wilson and she can be emailed at

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  11. My name is Rheanna Ormand. My blog address is My phone number is (361) 229-2835, and my e-mail address is My site supervisors are Jeremy Saegert and Kimberly Story. Their e-mails addresses are and They may be reached at (361) 790-2240.

  12. My name is Jeremy Viermann. My blog address is:

    My cell phone is (806)584-2488. My home e-mail is My site supervisors are Kirk Kear, Principal and Lew Tversky, Assistant Principal at Canyon Jr. High School. Their e-mail addresses are:

    The phone number for my campus is (806)677-2700.

  13. My name is Angie Matysek. This is my 5th year teaching. I am a Special Education teacher Pflugerville Middle School.

    My Blog is titled Angie's Action Replay,

    Contact info:
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    Site Supervisors:
    Robert Stell
    Donna LeJeune
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  14. I am Debbie Wammel and I teach at Brenham High School.

    My blog title is Leadership Journey, found at

    Contact Information:
    Work Phone: 979-277-3800 ext. 6234
    Home Phone: 979-865-5818
    Cell Phone: 936-329-5388

    Site Supervisor: Steve Skrla
    Work Phone: 979-277-3800 ext 1030

  15. I am Debbie (Neel) Wammel and I want to say hello to Dr. Kay Abernathy. I had the privilege of having her as my 8th grade English teacher at Sour Lake Junior High school a few years back. She was a wonderful teacher and is still one of the most enthusiastic people that I have ever known. I was excited to see her name as part of this course. Hello, Kay.

  16. I have completed my action research plan and have posted it on my blo if anyone needs or wants to look at it. I am looking forward to completing the project because I really think that it is needed in our school.

  17. I am having trouble importing my blog onto my blog page. Is anyone else experiencing same problem?

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  21. My name is Holly Williams. I am in my seventeenth year teaching and I currently teach kindergarten at Hilltop Elementary in Argyle, TX. My blog is Holly's Action Research Expedition at
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    My site supervisor is Lisa Lyles, principal at Hilltop Elementary. Her email is
    The phone number at Hilltop Elementary is 940-464-0564

  22. My name is MaryLou Zeiders and this is my 24th year teaching fourth grade. I teach at Brenham Elementary School in Brenham, Texas.

    My blog address is:
    MaryLou's Action Research Blog

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